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About Me

About Me


I’m Wendy. Welcome to my little sanctuary, Beetroot Face.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What kind of a name is that for a website?”. “What were you thinking, Wendy?” Well, I did a lot of thinking trying to find a name.

I wanted to create a healthy lifestyle website that helped me, along with my followers. So who am I?

I’m a 50 something, still 16 in my head, overweight, tell bad jokes and can’t seem to let go of the 80s. I reckon there’s a lot of us out there. I wanted to find some kindred spirits to join me in eating healthily, exercising regularly, laughing at daft stuff and generally not taking life too seriously.

After trying to be too clever about a name, it eventually came to me in a flash of inspiration one day after the gym. I got into my car after a very sweaty circuit class and looked in my rear-view mirror to see how much of a panda I looked from the combination of mascara and ‘glowing’. I was shocked at how hot I looked (temperature, not beauty!) and muttered to myself, “Wow! What a beetroot face!” At that moment, Beetroot Face was born.

I figured the beetroot side of the name represented so many aspects of my life. I want to eat more veggies and less chocolate, my unattractive glow after the gym and the fact that I’m heading straight for hot flush city, given my age!

I hope to make Beetroot Face informative, delicious and fun and I’d love to have you join me in my adventure. Thanks for dropping by.