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15 Healthy Lifestyle Gift Ideas

15 Healthy Lifestyle Gift Ideas

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Are you stuck for that perfect gift for someone who keeps in shape and watches what they eat? This list of healthy gift ideas may be just what you’re looking for.

These healthy gift ideas have been chosen with a fun view to staying healthy. Eating well and exercising should not be boring. The more we can match our lifestyle to our personality, the more chance we have of sticking with it.

Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and choose your special someone a gift to blow their gym socks off.

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1. Goddess Revolution Book

The Goddess Revolution book image

Negative thoughts about how we look can be so self-destructive. This book addresses how we see ourselves and how to change that view to give a more positive outlook.

2. Back Magic

Back Magic image

The Back Magic is great for stretching yourself out on when your back feels stiff. It feels a bit awkward at first, but you’re not on it any more than 5 minutes and the benefits are pretty instant. However, it’s always best to check the instructions to make sure whoever you are buying for is ok to use it.

3. Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop image

This will let you connect with your inner child and take you back to carefree, sunny days playing in the park or garden and breaking your own personal world record in how long you keep the hoop up.

4. Workout Diary

Writing down training details in a log book will help you to see how much progress you have made. This is so motivating.

5. Fruit Infuser Bottle

You can add fruit to these bottles, if you need to make your water more palatable, but the times printed on them will also show you when you need to drink, or if you haven’t drunk enough.

6. Running Like a Girl Book

A running handbook is always useful, especially when humour is injected into it.

7. Yoga Mat

If you’re going to be holding positions not normal to everyday life then the more comfy the mat the better!

8. Don’t Mess With The Chef Apron

The saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth” comes to mind with this apron. Cooking should be a therapeutic experience. Sometimes, it’s a rare bit of you time. Enjoy it. May be a bit difficult chopping up your veggies with boxing gloves on though!

9. James Wong Book – How To Eat Better

James Wong has written many books about the power of plants, so it’s only right his vast knowledge helps us to understand how to eat more healthily.

10. Joe Wicks Book – Lean in 15

Ahhh. Who doesn’t love seeing Joe Wicks bouncing around being all energetic and cheeky? His down to earth approach has helped many make better use of their cooking and exercise time.

11. Pressure King Pro

This is a little gem. My mother always cooked with a pressure cooker. Her stews were amazing, and quick! No mother wants to make her hungry child wait for their dinner. Soups are done and dusted in 6 minutes. You can even roast a whole chicken in 30 minutes!

12. Roller Skates

I spent many a happy couple of hours at the local roller disco on a Saturday night, when I was a teenager. These skates are just begging for a big open space and the sun on your face.

13. Run Now Wine Later T-Shirt

Good people have a nice healthy protein shake after exercise. However, I think the general mindset may be more partial to a glass of the old vino collapso. A little of what you fancy won’t hurt. You’ve earned it after pounding the tarmac for an hour … or maybe 30 minutes … 20 minutes??

14. Runner’s Armband

If you’re a female runner the chances are that you have enough jiggling going on without extra from loose change, mobile and keys.

15. Shiatsu Massager

It’s hard not to look at this without imagining the warmth on the back of your neck as the kneading action soothes away aches and pains from exercise, or just general stress of your day … ahhhhhh, that’s better.

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Hopefully, the above healthy gift ideas have helped you find something suitable for your favourite gym lover, cook, or even yourself. It’s important to look after ourselves and I hope these can make doing that a little easier.